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Packaging Design …from brainstorming sessions and napkin sketches to print production.

My experience has centered in the beauty industry, however I do design packaging for a variety of other consumer products including: food and nutrition, electronics, filtration systems, and more!
La Prairie, Inc.
4 years as an Art Director taught me the value of precision in both design and production. It was here that I learned the how much good packaging connects to consumers.


OZ Naturals, Inc.
Extensive freelance work for this company includes original designs and packaging layouts for cartons, labels, tubes, and bottles.


BioCodex, Inc.
Concept work for their flagship product, Florastor. The process included a logo redesign, packaging redesign, store visuals, and extensive brand research.


Packaging design from the ground up. The client had a product but no direction. After a lot of discussion, I decided to embrace the the Art Deco style for its sophistication and beauty. The result: one-of-a-kind, elegant packaging.


EFD: StrikeTec
Elliot Fight needed a packaging design that would be strong, clear, and have a strong impact on their audience of boxers, trainers, and athletes.


Bottle layouts and art were created help give this skincare company a clean, sophisticated and legible look. 


Filters: DuPont & NewView
Attention to detail is crucial to all packaging design projects. This requires an ability be creative while working within the constraints of the brand standards.
This project was a great exercise in creating unique ways to visibly display a wristband. The end result as clear packaging with an insert that presented the band in an "infinity loop" (mobius strip).
Food (various)
I also work on the occasional food-related project. These usually require strong imagery and extensive digital editing to showcase them in-stores.


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